fairway woods

Variant ONE Fairway Wood

Feel, Stability, Distance and Forgiveness

The grindworks VARIANT ONE Fairway Wood is designed for easy play both of the deck and off the tee. Dual Power Channels, one in the sole and one in the crown, help increase the spring effect of the face and expand the sweet spot to minimize distance lost on off center strikes.

Removable tungsten weighting on toe and heel allow for subtle tuning of the head’s bias while heavy internal back weighting help with an easy launch and optimal spin. We opted for a Hi Strength Stainless Body as the rigid structure allows new K301 forged face to create better feel and more efficient energy transfer. The traditional shape matched with mid height face create a pleasant but confident feel at address.

We focused on creating a fairway wood with lofts we believe are more in demand in this modern day and age. A strong 3 wood at 13.5* for those better more powerful players who want a penetrating wood off the deck or tee, as well as a strong 5 wood at 17.5* for players who prefer not to use a longer length 3 wood but still want distance. Make those par 5’s in two with the grindworks  VARIANT ONE Fairway Wood.

Variant ONE Fairway Wood Specification

Club TypeVersatile all around performance
Player TypeAll types of players as well as strong lofted spoon for better players
CharacteristicFeel, Stability, Distance and Forgiveness
Material and FinishK301 Hi Velocity Forged Face,Hi Strength Stainless Body,Tungsten Weighting

LOFT ( ° )1517
LIE ( ° )58.058.5
FACE ANGLE ( ° )00
HEAD WEIGHT (g)214.5220.5
• Conforming to R&A Rules
• Right Handed Only