Phoenix Utility

Easy distance utility.

The new grindworks Phoenix series is a premium line of performance golf clubs made for golden age golfers, in other words, senior golfers with a lifetime of golfing experiences. With many years of experiences of his own, grindworks club designer Doc Niimi has devoted his focus to studying the art of golf and has created this special line of clubs with a focus on feeling as well as performance. The Phoenix series specifically targets male golfers 60 years and older and lady golfers of any age who want that extra distance and forgiveness.

To compliment the original release of the Phoenix Driver Hi-Cor, we’ve added fairway woods and utilities designed to carry over that same ease of use and distance performance.

The FW and UT are both weighted for easy high launch draw ball trajectories. The deep center of gravity of the UT makes it easy to launch the ball in any lie.  The shallow to mid face height also makes it easier to catch the ball in the sweet spot which helps increase smash factor and ball speeds. A larger gravity angle helps the head rotate to the ball square, minimizing shots right and improving impact for better distance and direction.

The Phoenix Utility also features higher lofts and slightly larger heads, all to help promote more confidence and ease of use. The higher lofts allow the UT not only to replace long irons like the 4 and 5 iron but depending on the set can also replace 6 and 7 irons. These lofts are designed to compliment the Phoenix iron set.

The FW and UT also share the following technologies: (Please note images below show the FW but the technologies are the same)


When playing a ball off the deck, the fairway wood will typically strike the ground before impact with the ball. This impact creates friction across the entire sole, slowing down the speed of the club through the impact zone and sometimes even taking it off the target line.

By utilizing a dual rail system, friction is minimized by having just the rails touch the ground at impact. The dual rails also guide the head straight through to impact.

Better impact equals better ball speeds, distance and direction.


We’ve designed an alignment aid that gives golfer’s confidence both at address and when they swing the club. The contrasting white head with black diamond shape helps the golfer visually pin point their impact. The shape of the diamond helps guide them through the proper swing path. The diamond point on the head actually gives the golfer the visual image during the swing of the head converging on the ball at impact.

At grindworks we believe that golf clubs must not only perform on the course but feel great doing so. Because of that we use a soft but strong thin maraging face paired with a sturdy 6-4 Titanium body. This helps create increased repulsion for more ball speeds and a pleasant feel and sound at impact.

The Phoenix Utility can be custom built to each players own specs.  Please contact your grindworks dealer for more details. An original grindworks  headcover is included with each head.

Phoenix Utility Specification

Club TypeMax distance, max forgiveness, Shallow face, larger head, SRS, IIA
Player TypeSeniors, ladies, players with slower swing speeds
CharacteristicEasy high launch with big carry from any lie
Material and FinishSuper High Repulsion SS17-4 Face / High Strength Stainless C-300 Body – Black IP Finish / Tungsten Weight
LOFT ( ° )222630
LIE ( ° )59.560.060.5
FACE ANGLE ( ° )Closed 0.5Closed 0.5Closed 0.5
VOLUME (cc)130125120
HEAD WEIGHT (g)215222229
• Conforming to R&A Rules
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 12.5mm for 22° | 13.6mm for 26° 30°
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 8.6mm (0.335″ Tip) for 22° | 9.2mm (0.370″ Tip) for 26° 30°
• Right Handed Only
• 1 x 4.5g  weights