Phoenix Iron

Easy high launch, Big distance and Performance

The new grindworks Phoenix series is a premium line of performance golf clubs made for golden age golfers, in other words, senior golfers with a lifetime of golfing experiences. With many years of experiences of his own, grindworks club designer Doc Niimi has devoted his focus to studying the art of golf and has created this special line of clubs with a focus on feeling as well as performance. The Phoenix series specifically targets male golfers 60 years and older and lady golfers of any age who want that extra distance and forgiveness.

We are proud to introduce the all new Phoenix Iron which is designed for maximum distance and ease of use especially for players who don’t swing as fast or are not as physically strong.

The iron is weighted for easy high launch. The deep center of gravity of the Iron thanks to a deep and wide pocket help create a large sweet spot which helps players hit the the ball higher and straighter even if impact is lower on the face.

The lower center of gravity is thanks to a wider sole which brings weight down and a 2 step pocket cavity.


A pocket cavity helps increase the iron’s MOI (Moment of Inertia) and widen the sweet spot making it easier to play and more forgiving on miss hits. However a large or tall pocket can also move weight higher in the head which is the opposite of what a forgiving iron is trying to achieve. So by using a 2 step pocket, we are still able to achieve a taller/deeper pocket for a bigger sweet spot and still keep the center of gravity lower by making the second step of the pocket thinner.  The bulk of the weight is in the thicker lower pocket towards the sole.

This ensures an easy high launch and that higher MOI needed for more forgiveness. The lower center of gravity makes it much easier to catch the ball lower on the fade which is typically matches how less powerful players swing. (They sweep their clubs more often than not, rather than attack the ball with a powerful down below).


Like both the fairway wood and the utility, the new Phoenix iron takes advantage of our Slide Rail System (SRS) design. Typically an iron will make contact with the ground before impact with the ball and for many players even during impact with the ball. This impact creates friction across the entire sole, slowing down the speed of the club through the impact zone and sometimes even taking it off the target line.

By utilizing this dual rail system, friction is minimized by having just the rails touch the ground at impact. The dual rails also guide the head straight through to impact.

Better impact equals better ball speeds, distance and direction. This is especially important for an which sometimes needs to deal with different lies and ground conditions such as rough, bare ground or even sand.

At grindworks we believe that golf clubs must not only perform on the course but feel great doing so. Because of that we use a SUS218 soft stainless body matched with a high maraging face. Maraging steel is several times stronger than stainless steel which allows it to be made thinner for increased spring effect.  This helps create increased repulsion for more ball speeds and a pleasant feel and sound at impact.

One other unique feature of the Phoenix iron is the full length grooves on the face. The grooves stretch from toe to heel of the iron face giving the visual illusion of a larger face and hitting area.  Accuracy lost on toe miss hits is also improved thanks to grooves which stabilize the spin rather than having the ball slip off the toe.

Strong lofts in the set help create a high yet powerful trajectory.  The Phoenix irons start at the 7 iron to PW and have an option for an AW. We suggest adding the 22 and 26* Phoenix Utilities to compliment the Irons. (or 22 26 30 and carry 8-PW/AW).

The Phoenix iron can be custom built to each players own specs.  Please contact your grindworks dealer for more details.

Phoenix Iron Specification

Club TypeMax distance, Max forgiveness
Player TypeSeniors, ladies, players with slower swing speeds
CharacteristicEasy high launch, Big distance and Performance
Material and FinishHigh Repulsion Maraging Face, SUS218 Soft Stainless Body, Black IP Finish
NumberLoft ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
Bounce ( ° )
F.P (mm)
Weight (g)
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.6mm 
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.45mm (Parallel Tip) 
• Hosel Depth: 30mm
• Right Handed Only