PCX Iron

Pocket Cavity X - More distance, more forgiveness.

grindworks is proud to introduce the next level in performance irons, our new PCX iron – the Pocket Cavity X. The PCX iron is not only designed for stable distance performance but also tuned for sound and feel as well as visually appealing looks.

Pocket cavity irons have typically sacrificed feel and sound in order to achieve maximum distance and forgiveness. A combination of a pocket behind the cavity matched with a firmer face material can cause harder feel and more clicky sound that many golfers associate with these types of irons. grindworks placed equal importance for feel and sound when developing the PCX because we believe that ultimately the feel and sound translates into how the golfer perceives their impact, ie good or bad. We wanted to choose a face that would produce high spring effect and ball speeds but still be strong and feel good at impact. We settled on 17-PH Stainless for the face and placed a special polyurethane coated badge behind the face and inside the cavity. This combination provides a softer feel and more pleasing sound at impact.

We didn’t stop there either as the body of the iron will also affect the overall feel. We decided to use Nitronic 60, a grindworks signature high heat treated soft steel with a hardness level equivalent to S25C soft carbon steel. Not only does this contribute to feel and sound but also allows clubmakers to bend the loft and lies more easily.

In order to optimize spin we’ve made the PCX iron with 20 score lines compared to other irons which typically have 14-15 lines. This increases the amount of contact that grooves make with the ball to improve spin performance.

We understand how important sole and turf interaction is for making a good shot. We’ve implemented a D grind sole which provides more toe and heel and trailing edge relief which increases the versatility of the PCX iron in various lies. The less friction caused when your iron hits the ground before impact the better chance a player has of making square impact with the ball. This equals more ball speeds and better direction. The clean entry and exit also helps maintain the player’s swing speed through impact, generating maximum distance.  While grinding the sole like this is common for wedges it is rarely seen in irons.

Experience the X Factor, the all around performance and versatility of our new grindworks Pocket Cavity X.

grindworks PCX Iron Specification

Club TypePocket Cavity, Mid-sized
Player TypeAll players who want an easy to use performance iron
CharacteristicDistance, ease of use, feel
Material and FinishSuper SS Forged 17-4PH Face, Nitronic 60 Body / Nickel Satin / Chrome Plating, PU Coated badge
NumberLoft ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
Offset ( mm )
Weight (g)
• R&A Groove Rule Confirmation
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.45mm (Parallel Tip)
• Hosel Depth: 30mm
• Right Handed Only