Majin Adjustable Driver

Create YOUR distance.

The new grindworks majin follows in the footsteps of the highly successful Matrix driver, the collaboration between grindworks and our sister company A.Japa. The Matrix was an all around performer with superb distance and adjustability at the hosel.  majin takes the Matrix performance and design to an all new level. We’ve moved the adjustability away from the hosel to the sole of the driver by implementing 2 x moveable 6 gram weights. We call this design GRAVITY FLOW INTEGRATION (GFI). The removal of an adjustable hosel brings the weight back to the sole of the driver and away from the neck for more stable and consistent performance. GFI has 2 primary modes, BALLISTIC and WIDE which allow players to choose between a more penetrating trajectory with a focus on stability or a higher big carry distance which focuses on ease of use. 

Weights in the forward position puts majin in BALLISTIC mode, for a more powerful penetrating trajectory.

Best scenarios:

– Windy day requires low trajectory drive

– Firm course results in big run out

– Narrow hole needs more tight control

– More powerful player wants to keep trajectory down

Weights in the back position puts majin in WIDE mode, creating the largest possible sweet spot and a higher big carry trajectory.

Best scenarios:

– Maximum carry required

– Maximum forgiveness and ease of use

– Slower swing speed needs help with launch

The combination of both weights can also vary/alternate putting more bias towards heel or toe creating a draw or fade trajectory ie by moving the heel weight all the way back and the toe weight all the way forward, the driver moves into more of a draw biased setup.

In our testing, the new majin has a larger sweet spot than the Matrix resulting in more ball speeds and more forgiveness. Golfers who play on courses affected by wind and weather as well as courses that vary in ground hardness will appreciate the ability to adjust the head for optimal performance based on the conditions.

Matched with the high strength Titanium body, the cold forged DAT55  face is able to flex and recover quickly, providing s a soft yet crisp feel and sound as well as more spring effect for that sensation of the ball jumping off the face. The laser milled face stabilizes spin in wet conditions for more consistency and control.

At grindworks we believe that golf clubs must not only perform on the course but feel great doing so.
The majin driver can be custom built to each players own specs.  Please contact your grindworks dealer for more details.

Majin Adjustable Driver Specification

Club TypeAll around performance –  distance + control
Player TypeAll player types who want all around performance
CharacteristicControl trajectory and spin and bias
Material and FinishCold Forged DAT55 Face with variable thickness / High strength 6-4 Titanium body – Black IP Finish / Moveable Tungsten Weighting
LOFT ( ° )9.510.511.5
LIE ( ° )59.559.559.5
FACE ANGLE ( ° )Square 0Closed 0.5Closed 1.0
VOLUME (cc)460460460
HEAD WEIGHT (g)198198198
• Conforming to R&A Rules
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 12.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 8.6mm (0.335″ Tip)
• Right Handed Only
• 2 x 6.0g moveable weights