grindworks x Patrick Reed PR-202 Forged CNC Iron

Beauty in its simplicity, performance in its soul.

The all new grindworks PR-202 iron is a forged CNC cavity back with a primary focus on feel and performance. A simpler, no frills, back to basics design which gets the job done for more advanced players.

This year, grindworks released our new MB-101A/PR-101A muscle back which was designed in collaboration with Masters winner and perennial top 10 PGA pro Patrick Reed. The forged muscle back has succeeded in providing optimal feel, control and stability for Patrick during this season’s PGA Tour. The muscle back’s higher center of gravity provided a powerful trajectory at the pin which gives Patrick the control and stability to knock down shots in any condition.

However, Patrick and grindworks talked about creating an iron that was slightly more forgiving with a slightly higher trajectory for the 3 and 4 irons which usually are harder to launch and should have more of a focus on stable distance. grindworks founder Kiyonari Niimi began work on a cavity back that would provide that higher trajectory and ease of use while maintaining the feel and control of the muscle back.

A simple cavity design with a slightly thicker cavity area which helps lower the center of gravity matched with a compact, sharper head shape appeals to the better player.

One of Patrick’s concerns was that besides wanting a slightly higher trajectory he would sometimes want the flexibility of also using the longer irons for a punch shot or a stinger (lower trajectory shot). A punch shot can be hit with a slightly closed face to make up for the ball being placed further back in the stance. This type of shot is prone to going left since the face closed naturally faces left.

Countering the hook is not as simple as pushing the center of gravity towards the toe in an attempt to minimize over rotation but also focusing on the shape of the head as well as face progression/offset, toe and heel grind and more. We worked on creating an iron that not only had a stable center of gravity but a grind that allowed the iron to interact cleanly with the turf, keeping the head as square as possible at impact. We also increased the bounce as the set progresses and this helps preventing digging and fat shots equaling more pure and square impact. Less offset matched with a flatter lie prevent pulling the ball and preventing that over rotation.

The iron itself is a clean and simple design, premium forged from S20C steel, grinded by hand, the CNC machined and finished. In addition to the 3 and 4 irons we developed over 10 months, we decided to also add 5-PW for avid golfers to purchase as a set.

Already put into play by top pros on tour, the PR-202 has already been approved by the R&A as conforming to new groove rules.

Feel the difference, experience the performance. Patrick Reed collaboration PR-202 Forged Cavity Back.

PR202 Left-handed is available now

grindworks PR-202 Forged CNC Iron Specification

Club TypeCavity back, Small-sized
Player TypeAll players who want on feel and stability with added forgiveness
CharacteristicFeel, control, shot making
Material and FinishPremium Forged S20C / NiCr Plating w/ Satin Finish
NumberLoft ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
Bounce ( ° )
Weight (g)
left-handed available
left-handed available
left-handed available
left-handed available
left-handed available
left-handed available
left-handed available
left-handed available
• R&A Groove Rule Confirmation
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.3~9.1mm (Taper Tip) + weight port for adjustment
• Hosel Depth: 32mm
• Right / Left Handed are available