Grindworks + Patrick Reed – The Windsor-Wells Putter

Perspective Putter

The new grindworks + Patrick Reed introduces the grindworks-“Windsor-Wells” Putter

This putter uses the finest Japanese metals (SUS303) to create a new spin on a trusted flow-neck design Patrick Reed has depended on for so many years. This exquisite and impeccable design was created with a lot of thought on how to improve and create a model that would be appealing to the eye, perform better, and unconsciously give a player a benefit, purely by the design. 

We started out with the perspective of the Player- from the definition of perspective, we take that objects appear smaller, the farther away from the eyes they are. Your brain cannot feel this but it can sense it. Therefore, through testing and trials, it became evident that in turn- a player may subconsciously “close the putter” at impact because their subconscious thinks the putter is open based on the “smaller” look of the toe side of the putter so we adjusted the toe side of the putter by 1mm.

Through this design, we have achieved a minimal change to the toe so that it looks even width from the center and the heel of the putter, therefore, giving the player a better looking perspective and just what might make the biggest difference in someone’s putting performance. 

Windsor-Wells Putter Specification

Club TypeForged and Super precision full CNC milled Putter
Player TypeAverage Golfer
CharacteristicDesigned under the definition of perspective
Material and FinishForged JIS SUS303 – Tungsten Weights
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Windsor-Wells 371360