DF Wedge

Feel, Control, Spin, Accuracy

The DF Wedge’s magic lies in the toe height with a straight neck, which suppresses face progression allowing a player to open the clubface wide open or to play  a square-face shot and create shot after shot with that “spin and stop” action we all love. The grind on the double-forged wedge (DF Wedge) is as important as the grooves on the face. This particular grind is so versatile it could easily become your favorite club in the bag.

Starting with the heel of the wedge, it is gently ground and softly transitioned to the sole of the club eliminating any drop off from the sole to the heel which helps the DF Wedge glide through the turf and helps eliminate the heel digging which can often be the cause of a lot of misses on the golf course.

From the heel to the sole -the wedge has a smooth transition that trails off the back edge of the sole and smoothly rolls down to the toe, where it is lightly grinded and softened so when you want to play an uphill shot, a flop shot or bunker shot it adds relief to the toe, which is very helpful during the follow- through. This DF wedge is a custom-design meant to give players and advanced golfers the right feel, adaptability, and ability to play many different shots with a single wedge- when you need it. It can easily become the most versatile club in the bag.

DF Wedge Specification

Club TypeHigh Quality Forged
Player TypeAll Golfers
CharacteristicFeel, Control, Spin, Accuracy
Material and FinishS25C Soft Steel, Nickel Chrome Satin finish
Loft ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
Bounce ( ° )
Weight (g)
*Please note bounce is effective bounce taken at the highest point of the multi bounce sole.
• CONFORMING to R&A Groove Rule
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.3mm (Taper Tip)
• Hosel Depth: 31mm
• Right Handed Only