CW505 Forged Wedge

Compact and soft. Spin control at its best.

The grindworks CW505 is a unique compact wedge designed to compliment the MC333 Forged Cavity back. The CW505 features a straight neck, small rounded tear drop shaped face and a special cavity style design.  The CW505 is forged from soft S20C steel and with a specially thick sweet spot area, designed to produce the ultimate in pure soft feel at impact.

The slightly rounded leading edge provides forgiveness and prevents the wedge from digging. This matches well with the variable bounce sole, where there is actually lower bounce immediately after the trailing edge. The variable bounce sole design is thanks to a large amount of trailing edge and heel relief which allows the player to use the wedge normally in tight lies or for more control or in situations that require opening up the wedge or where the wedge may need more bounce.

The grindworks CW505Wedge is designed for the better player who wants to utilize a wedge in all sorts of situations and conditions to attack the pin with confidence!

CW505 Forged Wedge Specification

Club TypeCompact, Spin Control
Player TypeBetter player/ Those who play MC333
CharacteristicFeel, Control, Spin, Accuracy
Material and FinishS20C Carbon Steel / Nickel Satin Plating
Loft ( ° )
Bounce ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
F.P ( mm )
*Please note bounce is effective bounce taken at the highest point of the multi bounce sole.
• CONFORMING to R&A Groove Rule
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.3mm (Taper Tip)
• Hosel Depth: 30mm
• Right Handed Only