Grindworks + Patrick Reed – The Barrett Wedge Collection

Feel, Control, Spin, Accuracy

grindworks + Patrick Reed present to the world the Barrett Collection of Limited Edition wedges. These wedges are comprised of the work of Niimi Kiyonari and Patrick Reed and over 2 years of work before making their mark on the Golf Industry. These wedges are forged with the best materials, by one of the greatest craftsmen, Niimi Kiyonari, with one of the top players in the game for the last ten years, Patrick Reed.

The Barrett Wedge – Feel Beyond Perception

The idea of creating Mr. Reed’s wedges intrigued me. When Mr. Reed asked me to design his new wedge; I immediately realized that Patrick was after feel and nothing else. For feel permeates Patrick’s game through the core and is not to be compromised ever.

So, the next question entered my mind… how do you go about designing a wedge that is unparalleled in the market and that you can only describe through feel at impact? Patrick had absolute faith in my ability to take his words, direction, and his eye for the aesthetics of the clubs and develop and synthesize all of the information and create what would be the perfect set of wedges.

At first- I was tempted to dismiss the project, only because the feel is so subjective, how would I know from person to person what feel people want to be achieved….but in working with the irons with Patrick I realized his aptitude for knowing what feeling people as well as the best players in the world are looking for… as well as what they were not looking for.  It took us well over a year and a half just discussing the details with Patrick. The alloy to use, the shape to forge, how many grooves to cut and not once during all this time did Patrick waver about the technology or processes, all he wanted to achieve were his grinds….the grinds he had been trying to duplicate with each win, with each practice, wedges that would no longer need grinding and lead tape, he wanted his wedges and he wanted me to create his “go-to” set of wedges, no grinding or lead tape necessary, ready for game- time.

It took over two years of Proto-types, discussions, changes, and sacrificed so many samples to achieve exactly what we all wanted. As a surprise to Patrick, we named his signature Wedges “Barrett” after his only son.

THE grindworks PR-B61 (Barrett 61 degree Wedge)
“A High-Toe Look” but Not a high toe
The 61 degree wedge has a nice straight leading edge, but transitions to the bounce smoothly so it does not dig. The grooves are stamped lower and are set deep into the wedge for optimal spin and performance. The bounce of this wedge is lower with heel and toe relief which allow for play on multiple surfaces and different lies and gives a player a multitude of shots, enhancing playability anywhere around the greens or from the fairway.

THE grindworks PR-B57 (Barrett 57 degree Wedge)
The grindworks Barrett 57 grooves are stamped lower and also closer to the leading edge giving it an overall straighter look but also keeps the forgiveness needed not to “dig”. The intention with this 57 degree wedge was to give heel and toe relief, a wider sole, and smooth transitions from the heel to the toe.

The grindworks PR-B51 (Barrett 51 degree Wedge)
The grindworks Barrett 51 wedge is all about “smooth transitions”, this wedge is intended to give you the shotmaking from the fairway giving players optimal spin, with the ability to control trajectory, and create the shot you want or need into the greens.

All Grindworks Staff myself included are proud and honored to be associated with the Reed family and we are happy to have delivered Patrick his favorite set of wedges!

Best wishes to everyone.

Niimi Kyonari,

Grindworks Master craftsman & CEO

BARRETT Wedge Specification

Club TypeTour Speck
Player TypeAdvanced players
CharacteristicFeel, Control, Spin, Accuracy
Material and Finish S20C / IP Chrom Plating
Loft ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
Bounce ( ° )
Weight (g)
• CONFORMING to R&A Groove Rule
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.3~9.1mm (Taper Tip)
• Hosel Depth: 32mm
• Right Handed Only