X’s Pocket Iron

Distance, ease of use, feel

Grindworks is a brand that specifically caters to intermediate and advanced players and this distinction is reflected in our product line. However, due to popular demand, we are releasing the X’s (DP3) irons, designed specifically for the newer players.

The main goal of the iron is to be forgiving and easy-to-play. The iron’s increased loft and low center of gravity makes it easy to launch the ball into an optimal trajectory. To compensate for a lower spin rate and give the club a respectable hitting distance, additional score lines are added to the club face, increasing the score lines from the usual 14 to upwards of 18 scorelines.

Looking at the back of the iron, one can see the raised lip around the perimeter of the iron. This design focuses the weight of the club towards the edges of the clubhead, increasing its moment of inertia. This design helps the ball fly true even on off center hits.

Most importantly, the X’s (DP3) irons are designed to conform to the Grindworks aesthetic users have grown accustomed to. We believe that clubs should have a simple and clean design instead of being over complicated.

The X’s (DP3) irons are specifically designed for those that score over 90. Players that score better than this should instead consider our PR-202 or the MB-101A instead.

X’s Iron Specification

Club TypePocket Cavity
Player TypeAll players who want an easy to use performance iron
CharacteristicDistance, ease of use, feel
Material and FinishSuper SS Forged 17-4 PH Face, Nitronic 60 Body / Nickel Satin / Chrome Plating
NumberLoft ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
OFFSET (mm )
Bounce ( ° )
Weight (g)
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.45mm (Parallel Tip)
• Hosel Depth: 32mm
• Right Handed Only