Equinox Limited Utility

Equinox Utility will make a triumphant with LIV!

Equinox Limited Utility

Designed and manufactured by Niimi of Grindworks under the supervision of Patrick Reed, the FW and UT are the best woods in the history of Grindworks.

Equinox utility wood prefers small, eggplant-shaped wood that is easy to pull off even from the rough. This is PRO’s favorite UT. The shallow head makes it easy to pick up the ball and make it easy to fry.

The small sole reduces friction at impact, making it possible to swing with all your might regardless of the fairway or rough.

The face is made of maraging steel, which has high repulsion performance, and has a thickness of 2.3 mm to increase ball speed, while also achieving a solid feel.

This utility wood has an adjustable hosel that allows fine adjustment from the basic loft angle of 19 degrees to +1.5 degrees or -1.5 degrees. This allows you to adjust the loft angle and trajectory of your choice.

Equinox Limited Utility Specification

Club TypeAll around performance –  distance + control
Player TypeBetter players, stronger players
CharacteristicStability, Control, Penetrating distance, Feel
Material and FinishFace Material : Maraging Steel
LOFT ( ° )19
LIE ( ° )58
•Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.4 mm
• Bore Depth:38 mm
• Right Handed Only