Equinox Limited Driver

Equinox driver will make a triumphant with LIV!

Equinox Limited Driver

In developing this driver, we learned that professional golfers, who compete amongst the best in the world, certainly have an obsession and commitment to the equipment they use, and that their demands are not ordinary. 

Grindworks brand ambassador Patrick Reed is known for not signing any club contracts. From that day on, our Grindworks product development team and Patrick started exchanging requests about performance and details of each driver’s specs day and night. Regardless of the time of day or night, we had to ignore the time difference between Japan and the United States, and the limited time between professional tournaments, morning, noon, and night.

In particular, the specifications that the development team focused on the most are the following specifications.  

1. Gravity-Angle: When the driver shaft is suspended in the air at any two points, the clubface faces upward. Say the gravity-angle. The larger the angle, the better the ball is caught, but the professional golfer’s opined “I don’t like things that are easy to grasp.”  

2. Center of Gravity-Depth: The distance from the center of gravity of the sole to the leading edge. Ball spin rate and trajectory affect launch height. Pro’s preference is 2300-2350rpm. 

3. Moment of Inertia: Affects the movement of the head during the swing. If it is large, the tolerance for mistakes increases, but operability/workability deteriorates. The average is 4000g・c㎡

4. Face Angle: Advanced players and professionals tend to prefer a slightly negative angle (open face). Professional golfers like 0 to -0.5deg. 

5. Lie Angle: The more upright the angle, the easier it is to catch the ball, but it tends to go left. Also prone to push blocks to the right as well. Pro’s specific request was 59 degrees.

In addition to these, there are still detailed specifications that are numerical values that can be used as a guideline for these specifications above. In the case of a professional golfer such as Patrick, feedback from hitting the prototype driver for the first time, and whether this numerical value is good for the first time is instantly determined. Sensitivity and feeling come first.

Therefore, it took the prototype driver a dozen trips back and forth from the factory to Patrick’s office in Texas before it was finally completed. The Grindworks product development team is deeply appreciative of having learned so much from Patrick’s world class professional sensibilities and detailed feedback during the development of this Equinox driver. And we would like to deliver the perfect driver to everyone, so we will start selling it from mid-November.

The Equinox specifications we deliver to everyone will be to standard specifications tuned for intermediate and advanced users. Since it is a product developed for professional use, the quantity is limited, so please note that all Equinox drivers require reservations. 

Equinox Limited Driver Specification

Club TypeAll around performance –  distance + control
Player TypeBetter players, stronger players
CharacteristicStability, Control, Penetrating distance, Feel
Material and FinishSpring Titanium / Power Ti Face / Tungsten Weighting (face thickness 2.9 mm)
LOFT ( ° )10
LIE ( ° )59.5
FACE ANGLE ( ° )open 1.0
VOLUME (cc)450
Kick PointBUTT O.D
Parallel Sec
• Conforming to R&A Rules
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 8.6mm (0.335″ Tip)
• Bore Depth:36mm
• Right Handed Only