CB1 Cavity Back Iron

Feel, Stability, Playability

Like the MB1-Forged, we wanted the CB1-Forged to feature softer lines and smoother curves. We believe this type of lines have a better visual effect on the golfer not only at address but also when looking at an iron in general.

While we believe in the saying “simple is best” we still wanted to implement functional design that would still make the iron unique and help it perform optimally.

The great impact has such a huge bearing on the results of a shot, the feel, the direction, the distance. The spin… so squaring up to the ball for a pure strike is essential. We designed something we call Horizontal Center of Gravity Flow which moves the CG horizontally from heel to toe through the long to short irons; we were able to create an iron with better impact.

A cutaway toe area on the long irons allows the weight and CG to shift more towards the heel of the iron helping long irons square to the ball quicker for stronger more powerful impact. As the irons get shorter, the cutaway shrinks and CG moves towards the center (the 7 iron right in the middle of the set has no toe or heel cutaway).

The short irons feature a CG more towards the toe thanks to a heel cutaway which allows for more control, less misses with pulls or hooks and even more versatility since the cutaway on the sort irons can be worked as heel relief.

CB1 Cavity Back Iron Specification

Club TypeCompact Forged Cavity Back
Player TypePlayers who focus control and accuracy
CharacteristicFeel, Stability, Playability
Material and FinishS20C Soft Steel
NumberLoft ( ° )
Lie ( ° )
Bounce ( ° )
Weight (g)
• CONFORMING to R&A Rules 
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm 
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.20mm (Taper Tip) 
• Hosel Depth: 32.5mm
• Right Handed are available