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Pro Preference GW300 Fairway Wood

Stability and direction.

Pro Preference GW300 Fairway Wood

More and more golf clubs these days focus on ease of use and max distance performance. Generally speaking, while there is nothing wrong with that, many times these performance features will come at the expense of stability, control and feel. grindworks understands that there are still better players, stronger players and faster swingers who need more than just a big head with huge sweet spot. These golfers need stable golf clubs that will not only produce good distance but also great control and feel.

grindworks introduces its new Pro Preference woods, specifically designed for better and stronger players who not only want distance performance but need stability and control. These golfers can also appreciate great feel and sound at impact.  The Pro Preference GW400 driver is a compact 400cc head designed with a mid-deep face. The deeper face allows golfers to tee the ball up higher and NOT have to hit up on the ball to achieve launch. The deeper face allows the player to swing through the ball naturally and allow the clubs’s loft to work as intended.

The GW400 moves a lot of its weight to the sole to lower center of gravity. At the same time, we have ensured that the CG is not too deep, to the point where it causes too much spin and launch. The GW400 achieves this by using 3 tungsten weights in the sole one in back middle and two weights moved forward towards the heel and toe. This moves the CG slightly forward while still expanding the sweet spot. This also creates a reduced gravity angle, which prevents the head from rotating square too quickly preventing stronger players from pulling or hooking the ball.

The lower lofts (starting at 8.5*) and the square face angle allow better players to create a more penetrating trajectory which they can control and pinpoint. The face is made slightly thicker to provide a soft sponge like feel at impact and a more subtle sound unlike many larger head drivers today which can be excessively loud or metallic sounding.

As always, grindworks clubs are built to spec. In the case of the GW400, the head weight is progressive with the 8.5 being 204g, 9.5 202g and 20.5 200g. While on the heavier side, this allows better players to build a slightly shorter club length for the lower lofts which result in more control.

Pro Preference GW300 Fairway Wood Specification

Club TypeMid deep, smaller head
Player TypeBetter players, stronger players
CharacteristicFeel, Stability, Control, and distance
Material and Finish450 Stainless Body / Hi-Strength Stainless Face / Tungsten Weighting
LOFT ( ° )1417
LIE ( ° )5758
FACE ANGLE ( ° )00
HEAD WEIGHT (g)215220
• Conforming to R&A Rules
• Right Handed Only